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Other things about Luc


(Here are the things you need to know about Lucifer. Every angel knows most of this, as well as every fallen angel and probably 99% of the demons. Not every Chosen One is going to know this stuff, and chances are most humans don't either.)

Celestial Hierarchy: Seraphim (not that it applies any more)

Duties: (fallen) Angel of Dawn/light; (fallen) angel of death; ruling
prince of hell.

Important points to keep in mind

Lucifer is the ruling prince of hell, meaning he's the top guy, the only one truly in charge. The other princes of hell are under him in hierarchy.

He was once an archangel, the highest archangel in fact, even higher than Michael.

He is the personification of the brightest star (planet technically, remember in biblical times they thought it was a star) in heaven, Venus. He's the morning/evening star, the brightest of all angels.

Traits only Lucifer has (as in, no one else can do this shit, don't write it into your character)

Lucifer is the only one that truly rules hell (can I state this enough?).

Things everyone knows about Lucifer

He's in a bad mood, has been for a few millennium.

He's paranoid.

He's maintained a good relationship with Gabriel. Most contribute this to the two being frighteningly a lot like in personality (mainly they both are very cruel and get off on scaring others) and the fact that Gabriel technically works him… but by Gabriel's will not Lucifer's.

He's fairly reclusive.

He controls the element of light (umm… light isn't an element… It is now!)

He always maintains a cool exterior, it rarely slips.

Lucifer is very suave. When he's wanting to be, he's very likable, but will turn on you in a split second.

Lucifer rarely does his own dirty work. If he does, it's extremely important.

He's officially not allowed in heaven, though has been summoned to the Gates of First Heaven on occasion.

Things not so well known about Lucifer (angels and fallen angel information, all other characters forget you read this)

He's been known to do heaven's bidding on occasion. No one knows why he does, really.

He's not very fond of the other fallen angels. Sometimes he needs to remind them of that.

Hell is Lucifer, a major part of it was created by his essence, so he tends to hear everything that goes on. He's also got a lot of spies.

As much as he dislikes the fallen angels, he does look out for them. He prefers to maintain an image of hell, so when hell embaresses him, he will get on your case for it, but when ever heaven is mucking around too much, he will remind them, not so gently of his position. He also makes Gabriel resurrect a lot of those that are killed by heaven.

Lucifers current mood

Listening to Moonlight Sonata and eating cookies... yeah, even the Devil sits back and eats cookies sometimes.

Lucs Playlist

Currently contains...

Razed in Black: I'll Damage You, Share This Poison
In Strict Confidence: Forbidden Fruit
Beetoven: Moonlight Sonata
Boingo: Insanity (the album version because it's the better one)
Nine Inch Nails: Perfect Drug
Aerosmith: Jaded (dunno why)
Nine Inch Nails: Hand that Feeds, Something I can Never Have
Bella Morte: Another Way
Seraphim Shock :Morning Star, Welcome to Heaven
Collide: Halo
EMF: Never Know
The Police: King of Pain
Pop Will Eat Itself: Babylon
Prick: Animal
Smashing Pumpkins: Disarm
Covenant: Dead Stars
Yo Yo Ma: Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude

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With credit to Rommell from Razed in Black for the pics for Luc for the Av, sig, and what not.

An interview with Lucifer

Luc is a character in our RP, Sygil.
Luc is a little bit fun to be sometimes... no restraint; no remorse... *evil grin* ~Niv

"Well... what is that I see in your eyes? A bit of fear? Nervousness perhaps? Maybe curiousity?" Lucifer asks as he looks over at you with cold green eyes from the elegant Victorian style wing back chair. "I imagine a bit of all of that. Let's just say I'm not overly thrilled with this situation, but the 'Powers that Be' have forced me to it.
"I'm not all bad, you know..." He says as he steeples his hands and tilts his head a bit. "So I like being evil; nothing entirely too wrong with that... what's that? You mean there is something wrong with that? Well hell, I hadn't realized." He carefully stands. "Then I suppose this is done then; because if being evil is bad, then I've nothing more to say." With a very caculated turn and a determined stride, the Prince of Hell leaves the room a moment before it all crashes into peices in a firy inferno.

The Technical Details

Character Name: Lucifer

(Played by Nivik)

Apparent age: Mid 20's.

Physical appearance: Black hair; green eyes; usually sports white wings to throw everyone off a bit. Looks a bit of a goth.

Male:6 foot 5 inches; hair kind of short ; well built; always well dressed, usually in black.
Female: 6 foot 5 again; usually wears hair kind of long; a classic sort of beauty that's a little disturbing.

Fallen angel of: Dawn/light; (fallen) angel of death; ruling Prince of Hell. Personification of the (planet) star Venus.

First impression: By his nature of a fallen angel, he presents himself a little bit untrustworthy; yet somehow he has a magnetic personality. You don't want to trust him, you don't want to like him. Somehow though, you just can't take your eyes off of him.

Here's what I've been doing

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Lucs answers to the Character Quiz

Bril posted a character quiz (located here) and this is how Luc answered his questions. ~Niv

What's your character's favorite color?
Black, but not because he's the Devil, because he looks good in it.

Whats your character's favorite fruit?

What's your character's favorite song?
Moonlight Sonata

If your character could be anything else than he/she is, what would that be?
Painting. He's never done it. It sounds nice.

What does your character fear the most?
Himself. More accurately, completely sucuming to the evil inside of him.

What does your character love the most (object, activity, ect.)?
Watching others when they don't know he is. (Goes for humans and angel, ect.)

What is your character's driving force?
Hatred. There's a lot of reasons for his hatred, not nessisarily ones that one would think. He doesn't hate God, he hates his position he put himself in and the way he got to that position. He has a lot of self hatred and a lot of hatred for Gabriel (but has never let that consume him, oddly enough).

What animal does your character identify with?
I'm thinking peacocks at the moment... I'm not sure, I may have to think further on it. But peacocks are tempermental and showy, just like him.

Who is your character's favorite author?
Neil Gaimen (because he liked the way that Gaimen portrayed him in The Sandman)

Who does your character admire most?
This one is going to take some thought. I can't think of anyone that he would admire.

Where was your character born?
"The Morning Star, born of the heavens as the first light, the most beautiful of heavenly bodies, Venus... *Lucifer looks around as everyone stares at him* Er... umm... Babylon. I manifested there first...."

What element is your character's personality (Natural element, metal, or the classic elements fire ect.)?
Light, officially, however his personality is more like a storm. Which, yeah isn't really an element, but....

What is your character's scent? (natural scent, not perfume, for humans, what kind of scent does thier personality remind people of? Such as, Bril says Chloe has a personality scent of Lavender, it's usually the type perfumes she wears and the way her apartment smells)
Despite what you may think, he doesn't smell of hell. He has a very light, airy scent to him, something of lily of the valley with a cotton flower base to it.

What is your character's nickname?
Luc. Or most often Morningstar (sometimes Light Bringer). Or Son of a Bitch. Gabriel still calls him little brother.

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